How To Fix File Explorer Crashes And Freezes On Windows 10?

However, when your cache folder gets cluttered with excessive temporary files, it is bound to cause issues, especially when the files are corrupted due to any reason. Then select the server and the voice channel, the should status go to streaming. So recently my Spotify application has not been working properly with my discord application.

  • After Device Manager installed the Wireless driver correctly for you, if you noticed no WIFI as well on Windows 10, perhaps you need to update cant see mouse cursor the network adapter driver.
  • If your router and network adapter support 5GHz, the steps below will show you how to fix the problem preventing your computer from recognizing the network.
  • Make sure no other audio devices are plugged in while troubleshooting.
  • Your HDMI monitor should have an audio input if you don’t have an HDMI audio device.
  • Click on the small arrow on the Camera icon to select a different camera if you have multiple cameras.
  • I have been using Chrome recently, so I decided to revert back to Safari to try the same process.

If so, press menu button / More / Select text, then whatever you highlight will be sent to the clipboard. Worked find last week…now I can’t copy/paste any picture from the web to a word document…Help.

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Unfortunately, many Windows 10/11 users are complaining that their devices are unable to connect to WiFi networks automatically, even if they made sure to follow the steps above. “My WiFi network is not showing up on Windows 10. What can I do to solve this problem?” It is likely that many people are bothered by this problem. It is upsetting when you try to connect your computer to Internet but the WiFi network not showing up.

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Please be sensible and use this for personal use only. Open Discord and join a server.If you haven’t already joined a server, click the server you want to join in the left column. Once you join the server, a list of its channels will appear in the column on the left side of the window.

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